My son attends a French/English preschool in the city. The school did not teach reading in the classroom. Given that my husband and I are non-native English speakers, and since my son was one of the youngest children in his kindergarten class, I felt he could benefit from some phonic and decoding instruction. We were fortunate to find Joanna. She is an excellent reading teacher. Her methodology was fun for young children, and my son liked the reward system Joanna established. Joanna fully met my expectations. My son excelled in his class, received high grades in every school report, and later attended one of the best public schools in Manhattan. I am appreciative of Joanna’s help.
—Elaine, Manhattan

Our son was struggling with learning to read. Joanna helped him with phonics, vowel and consonant pairings, and also gave him the tools to start reading. She used games and activities that helped him have fun while illustrating what she was trying to teach him. Joanna was really good at redirecting him when his focus was not there. Overall, he made great progress in the time that she worked with him. I would recommend Joanna as a tutor.
—Cynthia, Brooklyn

Joanna worked with both of my children, ages 6 and 9. I felt like my son needed extra support in reading comprehension and writing. My son’s writing and reading comprehension have really improved, and in particular, his writing has become more detailed and organized. He is now reading and understanding much more sophisticated materials. With my daughter, Joanna has really focused on her reading with great results – since working with Joanna her reading level has gone up dramatically! Joanna is calm, thoughtful, and creative. She is able to seamlessly engage with two children with very different learning styles. She is a pleasure to be around!
—Jennifer, Manhattan